Certainty is an illusion
paradox and ambiguity
a mark of spiritual maturity

The increasing capacity to tolerate
on question of truth and to equivocate
rather than commit the sin of infallibility

Yearning humbles and ennobles
certainty drives to hubris
to swear by dogma and bigotry

To fundamentalist religions
with airtight formulas for salvation
closing doors to expansion and inclusion

In civilizational scale to tolerate both/and
is a sign of growth and deep trust
indicative of openendedness and progress

To steer clear of all self-deception and self-inflation
judging every proposition
on touchstone of experience and reason

To enter the circle of the free
feel good, think good, and do good
all the ways we can to all beings

Not immersed in the past
nor thinking of the morrow
but waking full and aware in the present moment.

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