Long enough a wait!

how may I unwrite my fate,

cleanse the dross,

annul the   mortal cross,

move from darkness to light?

All life but a sacrifice

like vapours rising

like rain falling.

Life-giving bright

this sacrificial light,

every cranny illumining!

Live  full  my  cycle of sacrifice

all nature offering oblation

with flowers of devotion.

A chain :

fire, cloud,

sun, ocean,

thunder, rain.

what fuels the earth and sky

none but  the sacrificial flame

consecrated to the One Supreme,

All life in space-time

in one silken chain is bound,

the created and uncreated.

In flaming suit

on the earth walks

the effulgence incarnate

in and out of  this eternal rigmarole.

A frequent voyager

I know the routes,

the entry and exit points

of this meandering maze.

My mind’s archival museum homes

many  priceless fossils

burnt-out butts and frozen remains  of meteors

exploded planets,  supernovas.

Fire-walking adept,

I stride on  galactic fires in cosmic seas,

yet unappeased  my adventure-spirit

yearning for more and more.

The sacrificial fire lit  in auspicious  time,

in light-years shall spark the fuse

of cycle of creation and dissolution.

Billion trillion stars explode

cosmic volcanoes and meta-cosmic rocks;

they all melt in cosmic streams,

cloud-bursts, flash floods, galactic fires,

hailstones and hurricanes, lightening thunder.

I am  the sparking fuse of heavens,

my   mere  wish  can cause explosion,

never finished  is my work of renewal

I give life and  sustain the eco-system,

I light the  all-providing fire:

that lets life to sprout and continue to thrive,

since in an invisible chain all  existence is bound.

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