the monstrous pollution,
the Ozonic depletion,–
the alarming signs
in the earth’s biosphere,
afflict the very gene of life:
showing up deserts in places of oasis,
slums in places of smiling cities.

The entire planet foredoomed to slow death
by the environmental pollution,
the impending death of oceans,
the  deadly viruses, the gaseous poisons.

The natural  catastrophes affects   the lot of every being,
nature’s resources fast depleting,
plenty of micro-organisms   getting extinct,
demographic pressure playing havoc with biosphere.

The all-enveloping smog  threatens to eclipse  the Sun,
unleash  a nuclear winter  to spell  universal doom
sudden  climatic changes and greenhouse effects
will end  exterminating  all life, even the life-gene itself.

If power-intoxicated leaders of men
in grip of unbridled greed don’t heed
the warning sirens and  mend their  ways in time
devise   appropriate  strategies and  remedial processes
to recreate damaged cells and rejuvenate and preserve
the fast disappearing species on the earth and in the ocean
bridge  terrestrial and astral life
and the life existing on other planets and  constellations,
the worst is not far off.
It all will end in a whimper.

There will be no time even to sing requiem
on this apocalyptic  doom,
this self-inflicted tragedy of colossal magnitude,
this   effacing the very  life on this planet.

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