Ever attuned to  racing heavens

I know altitude of every near and distant sun

my heart throbs in galactic glens

where lord-borne cattle go grazing.

I am mystery of wombing void,

I orchestrate musical band

of many a giant and baby star

on eternity’s symphonic scale.

In heart of benighted chaos

my live orchestra is hidden

in dense forest of stars,

in frenzied flight of flaming skies,

in  giddied motion of musical galaxies.

I am fire of life in ashes gloom,

symphonic harmony  of spheres,

the birth travail of black holes,

procreating silence of timeless void

birthing immovable star worlds.

Soul to soul,

microcosm to microcosm,

all homed  in one macrocosm

where every cell blows

the bliss of beatitude.

Attuned ever to choiring waves

serenading to far of heavens

reverberating galaxied resonance

of countless earths, stars and suns,

all glowing in gloried splendour.

Freed from worldly travails,

my soul soars to celestial realms

where silence rings and sings.

No burden on my chest,

so light and carefree

cozy in my home of rest

none there to disturb my sleep.

entrancing I drink of silence deep.

Thinking only of what liberates

a stair I raise to the ultimate,

fire lighted with the breath of Om

engulfs me all in the mystic flame.

No desire, no passion,

no craving, no longing,

all swallowed in wickless flame

rising from the heart chakra in my being.

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