Why butterfly flits
from flower to flower?
Divine discontent.

Who impregnates
galactic dust clouds?
Dark Dancer.

Come, my enchanted flute
speak to my deaf ear
strike me dumb.

Play on string less lyre
broken rhythm repair
cruise on waves.

The butterfly savours
nectar of flowers
the orchid to pollinate.

Lightning thunder
flash flood
shore recedes.

The sun’s hide and seek
with dark clouds;
the captive water released.

I dare not lift lid
off my memory
lest pent up demons break out.

Moon reposes inside clouds,
eerily haunting
darkness at noon.

Lightning thunder struck
hail storm’s clouds
rain cat and dogs.

Rapid rushing water
petals falling flow on
wingless flight.

Oh, fading sun flower,
if I were you,
I’d leap into the flowing current.

Eros shakes me like a hollow reed:
swept off my feet
lean on the rugged rock.

Stars making love
retreat to darkness,
the black hole.

In my film come and go
memories of sad and happy times
I stand tall with my father.

One apple, alone
can plant a revolution
drag down the heavens.

Falling oak
braking world wheel
grinds to a halt.

Our ego-run barge of life
set sail in placid waters,
lost in haze leaving no trace.

I am no witchdoctor or priest
but truth-telling poet
give shock-treatment.

Sculpted idols of fallen gods,
screeching owl on temple bell,
keeps awake the withered leaves.

White-bearded son
leaning on trembling stick
offers flowers to the setting sun.

Care not if I go to heaven, or hell,
so long my wings are intact
and my sight set on the goal .

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