Raise your eyebrows
see spring dance!

Gasp at humid weather
dehydrated bone thirsty;
snooze under a shower.

Winged warblers
cruise in musical waves.
My heart in cloud nine.

Autumn kiss
yellows every leafy green
turns trees into stumps.

Don’t weep
all decayed to dust shall return,
life and death a cycle.

Spring daybreak
the cuckoo’s cry
daffodils dance.

Night hailstorm
uprooted tree looks a ghost,
early dawn at my little window.

Snowfall at my door
vast white fluffy floor
children skating dance.

Autumn’s hot kiss
leaves a burning sensation
turns green to black soot.

Winter wind
lily on the rock
Jutting out of the water.

Sun, moon and the stars
spiraling into my brain
turn me into a spinning top.

Late autumnal fall
all yellow leaves underfoot:
turn black dust.

Dense jungle darkness
a drip drop sound
in a puddle frog jumps.

No whiff of air
all still, no leaf stirs
cherry blossom doesn’t weep.

Rain falls on the soil
filling the furrows
created by the plow cart.

Atom-wrought world,
and within every atom
a world of commotion.

Bamboo holes
whistling ravishing tune
fill my hollow heart.

Living on the edge
yet keeping balance
the sage returns.

Cock crows at loudest pitch
to wake up the dawn
even dead spring to its feet.

Haiku is my nature;
not my words but my action
tells you who I am.


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