Oh, truant moon
can’t you pause for a while
for an earthly hug.

An empty sky.
I fill it with kites.
The sky disappears.

The morning sun reflects
my father’s face.
The mirror melts.

Geese in Manas lake
hatch sparkling pearls
to weave a rainbow.

Mountain lake
fragrant with lilies.
reflect orchid abloom.
Eagles and cranes
flap free their wings,
the sky’s shore to fathom.

Snowflakes’ patter
bathed in sunlight
tinsels the valley.

Blizzards sweep off clusters
stars in the sky
stay unmoved.

Surrounded by emeralds:
swamp glitters
reflects seamless blue.

Oh butterfly!
what for your wings?
To cup honeyed dreams.

Morning come
I dangle bucket in well
thirsty crow dies in bucket.

Swallow’s’ beak
stirs the clouds
in the sky’s bowl.

The moth crumples
in the candle flame.
Lover’s point.

Moon singes me with love,
the burnt-mark in my soul
makes me whole.

Death crawled down in the bunker.
War ended
Flag in frozen hand.

Slow to wrath,
I wear kid gloves;
my one punch kills.

Pale brown foggy air:
cherry blossoms
chase the falling rain.

The frozen lake melts
to see the frozen moon,
in deluge lovers drown.

The biting chill has no end,
the frozen sea has no bend.
Is it nuclear winter?

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