Ratnakaradhautapadam Himalyakirtitinim I

Brahmarajarsiratnamdhyam vande Bharatamataram II

I pay my obeisance to mother Bharata, whose feet are being awashed by the ocean, who wears the mighty Himalaya as her crown, and who isexuberantly adorned with the gems of traditions set by Brahmarsis and Rajarsis.

The word BHARATAMATRAM is evocative and endowed with rich connotation: Geographically it refers, to quote, Barhaspatya Samhita, “Himalayaad aarabhya yaavad indu sarovaraparyantam tam deva nirmitam desham hindusthaanam prachakshate”—“that land created by God and stretching from the Himalayas up to the Indian Ocean is known as Bharatavarsha.”

Spiritually India is a dream embracing the whole of humanity, the dream of man’s striving for perfection, a passionate search for the deathless, ever embarking on an eternal journey, a path of nectar, of immortality, stretching from eternity to eternity, a constant endeavour to realize God-in-man, bonding with the lowest and the lowliest, through selfless service raising them to the equality and freedom of life divine.

Amritasya putrah, .Oh, sons of the immortal! – only those who have heard this call are truly children of Mother India, may they be born anywhere on the earth – in any country, in any century; in the past or in the future: Eternal ever-flowing Ganga welcomes them all in her lap to a happy reunion, including all those estranged by design or accident.

Culturally India is a diversity in unity; with its hundred identities and a hundred tongues, a thousand religions and three hundred thirty three million gods. One all-permeating cultural substratum binds them all.

Bharatamatram is a living organism and synonymous with the physical body of every Indian who must live this vision of Indianness in every moment of his life. So has the seer proclaimed: “I am India. The Indian nation is my body. Kanyakumari is my foot and the Himalayas my head. The Ganges flow from my thighs. My left leg is the Coromandal Coast, my right is the Coast of Malabar. I am this entire land. East and West are my arms. How wondrous is my form! When I walk I sense all India moves with me. When I speak, India speaks with me. I am India. I am Truth, I am God, I am Beauty.”

Due to these unique attributes Bharatamatram at the dawn of human history became cradle of culture and the roof and crown of the human race. Even in the years of decline the torch lit by our ancient sages and seers has continued to burn, however feeble at times, but never putout. Every time new crop of martyrs lighted the lamp with their blood, sweat and tears and when providence willed, keeping the torch aloft marched to the gallows for the sake of freedom. This way alone every generation must preserve its hard-earned freedom.

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