O Usha! You are of a luminous movement, vast with the Truth,
move according to the path of the Truth, in solar light manifest,
true in her being with the gods as the impeller of happy truths.

O Usha! born in heaven from Truth, You open out to things by the Truth,
with Truth are Your horses yoked, from the seat of Truth You awake
manifesting Your greatness as the supreme guardian of the Truth.

O Usha! the most auspicious, eternally youthful, robed with divine light,
by impelling the Sun’s powers to pervade the supramental home of Truth
You have illumined our inner beings with the dawn of the spiritual wealth.

With abundance of the powers of life You propel us toward divine action
giving expression to our inmost self with inspired speech or mantras
striking at the jīva’s mortal span, to replacing it with immortality.

O Usha! Your each advent brings fresh spiritual experiences for the seer
manifesting as awakening of the soul to the light of spiritual dawn
to let the Sun’s rays to permeate our beings for the sacrifice-born bliss.

O Mother! the face of the infinite, the divine vision that sacrifice awakes
creates effulgence in the soul partaking of the joy of celestial dawn
with darkness departed You repair to the home of truth where life blooms.

No realization of truth’s light until the divine consciousness dawns
until the power of revelation of the inner happenings shines bright,
the rising Sun of Truth, the Supernal Light what the Vedas hymned.

O Face of the Infinite! Your yajna-born vision reveals all the hymns,
manifested You propel us to march to the higher worlds of Truth,
of blissful bounty, of the vast divine wealth along with the bliss of dawn.

O Usha! paired with the night, the two mighty mothers of Truth:
night and dawn, common-minded, well-lighted, different in hues,
with their loving caresses, increase our beings’ living space.

O Usha! in this sacrifice with the night Your path is common,
guided by the Sun alternately You travel to arrive at our seat
from our dismal human condition to lift us to the spring-eyed dawn.

Night and Dawn are the mothers twain who through a constant rhythm
of illumination and darkness accomplish the celestial birth of the new man
filling his being with knowledge, love and power to create a new world.

Night and Dawn, though of different forms but of one mind
suckle alternately the luminous progeny to foster their growth,
to ward off the devouring demons of division and dissention.

O Usha! the goddess of dawn, of the sunrise of spiritual consciousness,
our inner selves You open to luminous realms of bliss and perfection,
the physical dawn every morn we see symbolizes just this inner state.

Only those who open themselves to the reign of Truth,
who have Truth in thought, truth in feeling, truth in speech,
to them ,O Usha! You manifest the dawn of everlasting bliss.

Before the Truth’s Light dawns in the sacrificer’s inner consciousness,
many experiences must he undergo in his outer consciousness, his ego self,
the radiant luster You spread everywhere dispels the thick darkness.

Unending is the path of the dawns, O Usha! You go over and over again
before the dawning of the full illumination within the soul of man
bringing thus fresh revelation of the Supernal Light, the Sun of Truth.

You are rta and satya, Truth in manifestation, the supreme existence,
of luminous movement You move according to the path of the Truth
manifesting the dawning of divine consciousness within every being.

O Usha! with onset of the light-truth of bliss when You arrive,
an ineffable calm, a state of the being descends upon us,
in which, we, the earthlings, abide as the King of kings.

O Usha! by filling their mind and being with the light of Truth
the seekers attain to life divine beyond the pale of logic and reason,
You open the gates of Heaven Your divine splendor to manifest.

As the tropical monsoon washes away all the dirt in the streets,
O the goddess Usha! You cleanse our mind of all material dross,
endow us with the power of clear-sighted intuition and revelation.

O Usha of many hues! let You open the doors in our inner being
that the divine light spread with its power to flood the entire world,
being a brilliant guide to happy truths let You illumine our paths.

O Usha of multifarious hues! with the rosy color of the rising Sun
Your appearance You make propelling us toward the higher goals
leading us from the enveloping darkness to the light of bliss divine.

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