O Savitr! You are an Aditya, the golden eyed,
the golden handed, the golden tongued,
riding a golden chariot You come, overseeing all.

O Savitr! You are the sun before sun rise,
the golden sun of the morning,
the hidden sun of dark night too.

O Savitr! mounting Your golden chariot,
lofty with golden pole, colorful pearls decked
You go to illumine the darksome regions .

O Savitr! both ways moving, upward and downward,
traveling along the ancient dustless paths of the Sun
with two bright adorable bays in the air’s mid region.

With Your white footed Bays drawing the gold-yoked car,
You bid the Sun in mid-heaven to approach the earthlings
through the darksome region spreading the brightened sky.

O Savitr! from far away You come to illumine
worlds caught in the darkness of doubt and despair,
chasing away the rakshasas and the Yatudhanas.
O the golden-handed Savitr! the far-seeing one,
on Your way You go between the earth and heaven,
driving away the demons of sorrow and affliction.

O Savitr! as the law upholder You are superior to all the other gods
neither Varuna nor Indra, not Mitra, nor Aryaman, nor Rudra
dare break Your ordinance nor dare defy Your divine decree.

O Savitr! the golden disc with bright pointed rays,
the goal, the purpose and the object of meditation,
with Your effulgence, the whole inner world is lit up.

O Savitr! by the luminous, life-giving energy of the Sun
You manifest the divine effulgence to all the peoples
bestowing on them wisdom, radiance, luster and illumination.

O Savitr! the most adorable god of mystic realms,
the key to man’s liberation and enlightenment,
in Your lap all men and beings attain immortality.

O Savitr! of adorable splendor, the beauty incarnate,
concentrating on Your icon of ineffable radiance
the dark shadows of sin from our being are expelled.

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