O Compassion Incarnate, the Almighty
the God omniscient, omnipresent,
the precursor of Upanishadic Brahman.

O the four armed! an umbrella over Your head,
You ride a chariot by seven crocodiles drawn,
symbolizing Your lordship over the aquatic life.

O You the Lord of the earth and heaven!
the Asvattha-like tree You sustain with its roots in heaven,
branches hanging down below to the earth.

O the knower-controller of all beings,
the supreme dispenser of justice,
Your writ runs all over the space.

O Varuna! the ordainer law enforcer,
the ruler of the worlds,
the upholder of the world order.

O the Justicer Wise! ocean-wide is Your Court
there You sit with holy laws to govern all men
who throng from all corners of the globe.

Spread every where are Your innumerable spies,
as rays of light they act as Your eyes and ears,
letting You know all what is going on in this world.

O Varuna! You are the Sovran of the sea,
You know the path of birds over which they fly,
You keep a track of of every ship that on Your waters plies.

You know the twelve moons with their progeny,
the pathway of the wind, spreading, high, and mighty,
the anchor and the loadstar are You to the wind-lashed ships.

O Varuna! You cause the rains to come down,
the sun to oversee all directions,
You make the rivers ceaselessly flow.

Born to Aditi, friend and brother of Mitra,
O Varuna! You are the Lord Merciful One,
You forgive the sinners if they repent for their sins.

O Rta Incarnate! when people transgress the moral order
You descend down upon them with sternness of a judge
but if they seek forgiveness, You rain on them Your love.

You are the law maker, O the Holiest of the Holy One!
universal are Your laws, O the legislator of mankind,
together with Mitra, the world order You sustain.

O Varuna! to You we repeatedly beseech
that from committing transgressions we refrain,
like loosened fetters cast away all our sins.

Forgive us if we have sinned against the man who loves us,
ever wronged a brother, friend, or comrade,
done wrong unwittingly or sinned of purpose.

O Varuna, remove from us the trespass,
forgive, if ever have we transgressed,
let us be Thine own beloved, O the Merciful One.

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