Fleeting shadows,
endless chase,
nothing lost or found.

Only a plunge within
can let you drink
of celestial fount.

Enlightenment is but a state
of choice less awareness,
it simply happens.

Dawning of fullness
in centre
of your existence.

No ‘I-am-ness’
no duality,
a Sovereign.

A full-blown lotus
light all-pervading
in silence enveloped.

Deeper into your being
lotus turn into a lamp.

No more seeking,
no more craving,
in bliss crowned.

Only in no-mind
spring blossoms,
all cravings fulfilled.

On a full-moon night
a dreamless sleep
under a Bo-tree.

Only a witness,
pure consciousness,
a Buddha.

Ultimate in truth,
free from cravings,
light of bliss.

No wait,
it just comes
the light of Zen.

Sans desire,
sans passion,
a million suns.

Celebrate death
as illumination
as fulfillment.

An invitation
to life divine death is
the ecstasy beyond time.

A festival of lights,
sans affliction
sans bondage.

Beautiful the sky,
beautiful the moon-lit waters,
beautiful the star-splashed lake.

All beings sing and dance
in carnival of cosmos
to star-eyed mystery.

Why wait at the brink,
why hesitate,
make a plunge.

Inviting is nectar spring
only one who dares
can get at the source.

This is the moment,
the realization,
just happens.

Deeper and deeper
into self you enter
till you arrive.

At the centre,
the space,
luminous serene.

All existence,
wearing a splendour.

Your home
the authentic core,
your essence.

with eternity walking,
a witness to light.

Make a plunge
this very moment,
wear no diver’s suit.

Know and be-
a new birth,
a resurrection.

The state of zen,
neither going nor coming,
there forever.

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