what precedes everything under the Sun,
what sustains varied orders of creation,
what guides us to Truth’s Sacred Mansion.

the origin of all speech,
the first emanation of Nad Brahm
that shall last till the end of time.

the ultimate Power Supreme,
manifest in myriad orders sublime
encompassing every order of creation.

whence all mantras are born,
what spans three planes of existence,
the earth, heaven, the space in-between.

the three powers of Great Being:
creation, preservation , dissolution,
the beginning, the middle, the end.

the hymn to Savitur, the Sun,
the Light of Universal Intelligence
pervading every form of being and thing.

the Mantra of Mantra,
the essence of all Revelation,
the key to God-realization.

capsuled in Gayatri Chhand,
the vedic metre of twenty four syllables
what to sage Vishwamitra was revealed.

the original revelation,
personification of perfection,
the golden egg that contains all isness.

the primal chant
consecrated to the splendorous Sun,
emanating from the realm of Savitri.

Gayatri, the mother
whose gentle foot is this cosmos,
her chariot is the Sun,
the source of all hymns.

the celestial harmony
blowing upon all men
hymning creations upon creations.

Gayatri, the primordial power
the supreme felicity and light,
of all that is, has been, shall be.

Gayatri ,
the all-creating intelligence,
the dawn of Self’s illumination
irradiated by Truth’s Sun.

the Creator’s hymn to the Sun,
the primordial waters,
the Beginningless Being.

the primal offering to cosmic fires
that feed fires of oblation,
make whole creation an endless sacrifice.

the perennial Vedic hymn,
the ultimate in speech,
ineffable harmony.

Cosmic Resonance is your Song,
as the Nad Udgeet
in every particle it reverberates.

Your meter and diction
flow from some invisible source
in all-pervading silence.

Your every syllable stirs celestial waters
musicalising every speck and sphere
with Brhaspati’s sonorous voice.

The five-faced one, the goddess
seated on the lotus throne,
with crown on each of her five heads.

The four heads are the four Vedas,
the fifth one is the Lord Himself
Whose loved symbols her ten hands adorn.

Nine gems she wears in her crown
irradiating Light Divine
beckoning all to her golden throne.

O Gayatri!
You oversee the cosmos with your ten eyes
keep track of revolving spheres and skies
the countless star-systems in spangled heaven.

O Gayatri ,
the primal prayer to Savitur
pervading every speck and sphere
as the Light of Pure Intelligence.

When Agni bellows
but pierces not the wood,
half-burnt are oblations,
it’s time to invoke
the four-footed Gayatri,
the Shakti beind the Sun.

Ice sits on foot of hills,
all rivers are frozen,
not a blade of grass,
oceans cry for water,
louder grows their wails,
muted is the nature’s chant.

When ice melts
frozen treasures flow down
the belly of clouds cut open
by lightning thunder
in torrential rain
with your blessings you come.

Awaken the fiery Tapas
melt all piles of frozen hopes
burst forth in merciful showers
to the delight of clamouring oceans.

Release the impetuous chant
from captivity of Promethean Chains,
lend fire to my speech
touching my tongue with nectar flame.

When iceman sits on oblations
fire dies down,
all possibilities frozen,
When sterility strikes
every creative spring,
vision is locked up,
inspiration is imprisoned,
then on wings of fire you come
from the middle of the Sun
with breath of life.

To revive the dead
to set free
all visions and revelations,
all waters of inspiration.

To receive the offering
to bless the sacrifice,
to bring good cheer to the world.

O Mother !
by your gravitational pull impelled
in shining costumes they all come
stars and galaxies on the run.

By tapas they in cyclic orders move
on invisible tracks of ether
in celestial waters of space.

O Mother!
Your Cosmic Resonance
summoning fires from the Sun,
bestows heaven’s choicest boons.

O Mother!
Your breath leads to the Origin,
the abode where Self abides
in ecstasy of primeval harmony.

Gayatri, the crown of all mantric chants,
the invocation to Cosmic Intelligence,
bestows Bliss, Knowledge and Intuition.

Gayatri, the dawn effulging after midnight,
the soulful chant to the God of Light,
of All-pervading Beauty and Order in existence.

Constant repetition of Gayatri Chant
builds a stairway to heaven,
blazes the way to Lord’s Mansion.

Gayatri burns away all our karmic remains
Letting us see radiant Self in all beings,
the soul’s equipoise as a windless flame.

O the four-footed Gayatri!
Your one foot encompasses the Earth,
Your other three feet have their seat
above dark peaks on the Sun.

Obeisance to you, O Devi
you are the Shakti!
the manifest creation your one foot
invisible the other three.

Agni, Savitri, Soma in you merge
to become the eternal chant
of supreme ecstasy.

O mother! lift this chant
to clouds in dark skies
descend with dripping grace
on my life’s desert.

Obeisance to you.
O Shakti!
obeisance to you.

of joyous Grace.

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