O luminous word!
In you the origin
of every Tantric symbol,
of every Bija sound
of every mystic sign.

O luminous word!
My inspiration,
my priest,
take me to your realm
robed in flames.

O the flame-tongued!
Luminous your utterance,
the poet par excellence,
with a flowing pen you write
in letterings of fire.

Every sign you simulate
hides a hidden meaning,
the grand design
in which the world is wrought.

O son to Sun,
From your throne descend,
come in your one-wheeled chariot
with gifts laden
of milk, honey, fruits and flowers.

O Sun-bird!
You shuttle between earth and heaven,
sky-wide are your wings
the darling of the shining ones,
your final destination is the Sun.

O the Sun-bird!
You have created a ladder
from the earth to heaven
to bring Soma from the Sun,
just a drop of this makes one immortal.

O Sun-bird!
On your one-wheeled chariot come
from the land of the sun
bring from the highest heaven
the drink of gods.

O the Sun-bird!
You spread your wings
to warm the cooled of spaces,
the golden egg to fertilize
wombing a glowing chirping creation.

O bounteous giver !
By you is there god’s plenty,
pastures green, flowers and fruits,
by you is there the warmth and rain,
the autumn and spring.

O plenitude incarnate!
Come in your blazing costume
from the middle of celestial waters
rain on us the choicest boons
from your endless treasury.

O Agni!
You are the first three sticks
at the base of every sacrifice,
the little and big sparks that rise
to the glory of the highest flame.

O Agni!
I offer this oblation
of the fiery drink
of priests and of all those men
who rise to the splendor of the Sun.

O Agni !
This sacrifice unto you,
grant me the boon of shining speech,
replenish the parched roots,
turn the whole earth green.

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