Fleeting shadows,
endless chase,
nothing lost,nothing found.

Only a plunge within
can let you drink
of the celestial fount.

Enlightenment is but a state
of awekening to one’s own self,
it simply happens.

Wake up to full consciousness
lotussed in the centre
of your existence.

No ‘I’amness’
no duality,
a sovereign.

A full-blown lotus
light all-pervading
in silence enveloped.

Deeper into your being
you behold:
lotus turn into a lamp.

No more seeking,
no more craving,
in bliss crowned.

Only in no-mind
can spring blossom,
all cravings fulfilled.

On a full-moon night
a dreamless sleep
under the Bo-tree.

Only a witness,
a Buddha
seated in pure conciousness.

Ultimate in truth,
freedom incarnate,
light of bliss.

No wait,
suddenly it comes
the light of Zen.