What Zen Truly Is
Zen is a walk through the garden….an effortless practice of being here now. It is one of the most ancient practices to attaining enlightenment and reaching a higher level of consciousness. It is the most simple and effortless path to total liberation, that involves no-effort, no-thought, and literally no-mind.

A Zen mind is not a dull, bored mind…it is quite the opposite. It is so vigilantly focused in the NOW its sharper than a sharpest razors edge. It is a mind that is free from worry, and is present only to what experience, thought, and sensation that is happening in the now. It is a mind that is full of awe and wonder for this Universe as it sees the REAL world that is overflowing with simplicity, joy and a profound happiness.

A Zen life finds an inner balance within every situation and person. It is free from desires, yet still enjoys the experience of wanting something. The Zen being is truly the master of his/her existence, liberated from the mind and its perpetual grasping for something.

To the Zen Masters the pure mind is the eternal Buddha – nature. To attain enlightenment, to be aware of one’s own Buddha – nature, we need to go beyond his ordinary thoughts. Only by becoming free from our own projections and ideas, we can be aware of the Buddha Reality which is all pervading.

” Confused by thoughts,
we experience duality in life.
Unencumbered by ideas,
the enlightened see the one Reality.”
– Hui – Neng
The goal of Zen cannot adequately be described in words. Great Zen Masters often appear to be talking in riddles while guiding their students towards their Buddha nature – A consciouness that is all pervading though yet eluding our grasp.
” It is present everywhere.
There is nothing it does not contain.
However only those who have previously
planted wisdom – seeds will be able
to continuously see it.”
– Dogen

Zen sutras are compact and terse in nature. For enlightenment cannot be attained by studying complex scriptures, indeed it comes through inner practise.

” I have not heard of a sinlge Buddha, past or present,
who has been enlightened by sacred prayers
and scriptures.”
– Bassui
There is nothing lacking in you!
You are no different than a Buddha.
-Zen Master Tao-Hsin

Only by accepting that the ego is a fabricated
illusion do we walk the Buddha’s way. – Dogen

Enlightenment is beyond concepts.
No one has ever attained it. -Ying-an

When everything is seen as One, we return to the Source
and stay where we have always been.. -Seng-t’san

Here it is – right now.
Start thinking about it and you miss it. -Huang-po

If you love the sacred and despise the ordinary,
you are still bobbing in the ocean of delusion – Linji

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