Om, what precedes everything under the sun,
what sustains varied orders of creation,
what guides us to Truth’s sacred seat.
Om, the origin of all speech,
the first emanation of Brahm
that shall last till the end of time.
Om, enshrines the three powers of the Great Being,
creation, preservation and dissolution,
the beginning, the middle and the end of all that is.
Om, the ultimate power supreme,
manifests in myriad orders sublime
space, time, forms, kinds and colours.
Om, the origin of origin, whence all mantra begin
spanning the three periods of manvantra
and the three powers of the God-Self who alone is.
Om Bhur, Bhuvah, Swaha, the power of the Sun,
the order of Truth permeating the three worlds
as Light of Universal Intelligence in all beings.
Gayatri is all-creating intelligence,
the dawn of Self’s illumination
irradiated by the true sun.
Gayatri is Brahma, Gayatri is Vishnu,
Gayatri is Shiva, Gayatri is Surya,
Gayatri is Vedas, Gayatri is deities all.
The five-faced one, seated on the lotus throne,
wears crown on each of her five heads,
Her hallowed hand lifted to bless all beings.
The four heads of the Mother are the four Vedas
the fifth one is the Lord Supreme Himself
Vishnu’s loved symbols adorn her ten hands.
Nine gems of purest ray serene adorn her crown
emiting lustre of light divine
guiding the aspirant to Her golden throne.
Gayatri scans the cosmos with her ten eyes
of them the sky and the earth keep a track
of universes on the run in spangled heaven.
Gayatri is Mantra of Mantra, a prayer to Savitur
pervading every speck and sphere
permeating our whole being with pure intelligence.
Constant repetition of Gayatri Chant
Builds a stairway to heaven
Opening the door of liberation.
This all-surpassing Mantra, the essence of all Revelation
revealed to sage Vishwamitra in Gayatri Chhand
twenty four syllable vedic metre with a triplet each of eight syllables,
Gayatri burns away all our karmic remains
to let us see the radiant Self in all beings,
the Truth’s realization like a windless flame.
Gayatri is the crown of all mantric chants,
the invocation to Cosmic Intelligence,
the bestower of Bliss, Knowledge and Intuition.
Gayatri is the dawn effulging after midnight,
the soulful chant to the God of Light
unfolds beauty and order in existence.

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