Mission Statement

Earth Vision expresses its concern on the contemporary human condition and the global divide between the developed and developing world; the alarming rise in population, poverty and social inequalities in the world; the stock-piling of nuclear warheads and weapons of mass destruction and as a consequence thereof the impending nuclear holocaust; the emerging violence, drug-trafficking and terror; the ever-increasing pollution hastening the depletion of ozonic layer and imperiling ecology and environment.
Earth Vision affirms the unity of all life and its commitment to strive for the healing and harmonizing of relationship between humanity and the earth, belies; that the Earth, humans and all other forms of life are one single, sacred organism bound together in a rhythm of relationship; and that all people living on this planet share a common destiny and are children of one earth-mother, belonging to one family.
Earth Vision expresses its concern at denial of human rights to vast masses of mankind; the suppression of women, minorities, the marginalized and depressed groups; the emerging cultural and economic hegemonism in the wake of globalization and privatization; the danger of communication neo-imperialism and division of the world into info-rich and info-poor.
Earth Vision affirms its faith in pluralism and cultural diversity; the dialogue among civilizations; the guaranteeing of human rights; and acceptance of democracy as the way of life for all earth citizens with a view to realizing the goal of a non-violent world order. Earth Vision favours articulating public interest vision for the communication, information and digital age and emphasizes the value of free inter-personal and intra-personal communication for solving mankind’s myriad psychological and social problems.
Earth Vision favours man-centric education, excellence and access to the disadvantaged and the unreached; the study of comparative religions and human traditions; the promotion of inter-faith and inter-cultural dialogue and harmonic convergence of science and spirituality.

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